Welcome to our bank details page. At checkout, we offer two options for payment: credit card and manual bank transfer.

For credit card payments, we use the Iyzico infrastructure, a group company of PayU. For manual transfers, we have Euro, Usd, Gbp and Try accounts in Turkish bank available for your convenience.

If you're not using international wire transfer yet or looking for an alternative transfer method, we suggest using Wise.com. It's fast and has very low transfer fees. Plus, as a bonus, you can sign up using this link for your first fee-free transfer up to 500 GBP: https://transferwise.com/u/osmanc7

Our bank details

Account Owner : Jersey Tekstil San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Bank Name : Turkiye Ekonomi Bankası

Swift Code : TEBUTRIS

Euro Iban no: TR19 0003 2000 0000 0067 1448 22

TL Iban no : TR51 0003 2000 0000 0067 1166 01

Usd Iban no : TR46 0003 2000 0000 0067 1448 21

Gbp Iban no : TR89 0003 2000 0000 0067 1448 23

Cad Iban no : TR12 0003 2000 0000 0083 7371 86


We hope this information is helpful and makes it easy for you to make payments. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for choosing us!

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